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Portland, OR, 97213


"So Here You Have It..."

A Kansas City-style sauce from Portland, Oregon.

We craft each bottle with layers of flavor and quality ingredients. And just for kicks — and a vegan wife to boot — this here sauce is void of any and all animal products. Finally, I've added just enough smoke to make your meal taste straight out of the smoker, no matter how it's cooked. Slather liberally and enjoy!

JD's Smokin' Slow currently produces two BBQ Sauces, an Original and a Spicy. JD's Original Sauce is sweet, gritty, full of smoke, and has a light kick to satisfy all parts of the palate. The Spicy version is made exactly the same, but we've quadrupled the pepper to create a slow growing heat to help please those that need a bit more from their sauce.

All production takes place in Portland, OR and uses as many local and organic ingredients as I can get. It is gluten free and uses no high fructose corn syrup. The original recipe is one I developed over the last couple years while searching for that Kansas City flavor and little bit of "flare" that I was used to. Once I got it just right, and with the urging of friends and neighbors, I decided to bring it to market. And that's pretty much the long and the short of it.